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Exercise:Complete the short dialog by the approplate words below! Good evening-tomorrow morning-tomorrow night-how are you-are you ok-fine-i am sorry-how about-and you-toothace we'll be fine soon-good afternoon-the same like you. Sofie:Hi, Putri(1) Putri:Good afternoon,(2) Sofie:Of course, I am right(3) Putri:(4) :(5)Adinda and Azhar Sofie:ohh, he is(6)...but Adinda got(7)... Putri:oh,(8),I pray she(9) Aamiin Sofie:Aamiin Yra, oh putri, it's almost the maghrib praying and must go home, I am happy to talk with you so see you...(10) at school. Bye, Put

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1) dont eat all. me. 2) all the oranges are rotten. be eaten. 3)we the room. everything had been take away responsible for taking care of the environment 5)the film is for all ages. can go and see it
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Simple past..yesterday my brother and i () our mother in the house. first we (clean) our rooms and then we (wash) our clothes. after that we (cook) some fried rice. the fried rice (not/be) very nice. but our mother (be) happy to eat it.then i (have) a bath and my brother and i (wacth) tv. we (go) to bedroom early and (sleep) well
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Make up a short dialogue for the following situations; -it will be the school's anniversary next mont. you and your friends are discurring the plan for the class performance. one of them seems to disagree with the idea because he thinks that it will need a lot of money.
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Halo nama saya dika permana hobi saya sepak dan memancing umur saya 13 tahun saya tinggal di balak ngabean boja kendal saya di smp 3 boja
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Exercise:Complete the short dialog by the approplate words below! Good evening-tomorrow morning-tomo...


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