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Part 2 Direction: each of the following sentences contains an error . find and correct the error.

1. Mary has fresh egg available because she raises chickens in her yard.
2. Mrs. Smith always puts a lot of fruits and vegetables on the table.
3. Anwar has been in the US three time. Thus, he’s spent a lot of time there
4. The extent of Jane’s knowledges on various complex subjects astounds me
5. Oranges, tomatoes, fresh strawberries, and green lettuces are rich in vitamin C
6. Besides providing a lot of facts, an encyclopaedia also provides us with a lot of informations
7. It is a must for you all to learn a lot of new words and study a lot of grammars.
8. English vocabulary not only includes slangs but also idioms.
9. It may be said that Shakespeare did not write novel; however, he is famous for his poetry.
10.The teacher gives a lot of assignments. In other words, I have a lot of homeworks to do tonight. Berikan Alasannya. Give the reason?

Part 3
Direction: Write about both of the following topics

1. Look around room/house/classroom/campus. Tell your reader what you see. Indicate quantity (some, a lot of, two, etc.) and position (in the corner, next to the bed, etc.).
2. Write a sentence using two nouns that name family members.
3. Write a sentence using a noun that names a living thing that you can see.
4. Write a sentence using a noun that names a nonliving thing that you can see.
5. Write a sentence using nouns that name two or more cities or states you would like

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Apakah Anda tahu jawaban yang benar?
Part 2 Direction: each of the following sentences contains an error . find and correct the error....


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